Managed Content Services

Ensuring Effective use of a wide variety of contents with Managed Content Services (MCS)

 Konica Minolta has launched Managed Content Services (MCS) globally to allow companies more effective use of their ever-expanding content.

MCS is a one-stop service that offers consultation-based suggestions for improving work efficiency along with exclusive software for content management, MFPs for data input and output, and document digitization service.

Building on the Managed Print Services, digital content management services allow centralised management of a huge and varied volume of content such as electronic data, enabling customers to use it more effectively. This service helps to enhance efficiency and contributes to cost and environmental impact reduction while strengthening security and business continuity.

Enhancing document management efficiency for a real estate company through scanning and digitization


Real estate services deal with a wide variety of documents and materials, from contracts to floor plans and photographs of properties. While real estate companies usually employ centralised management systems to handle each stage of the process — from the showing of rental properties, contract signing, and property maintenance to the final stage of contract termination. They have to enter certain data from the individual documents into the system manually; this is an overly time-consuming and costly step compared to document scanning and digitization. Therefore, they are looking for improvements in productivity and the ability to access information efficiently.


Konica Minolta offers real estate companies Managed Content Services (MCS), document digitization, and content management solution for efficiency problems. For example, we recommend the use of a zonal OCR* when scanning documents with an MFP, so that an image of the document can later go through digitization to create digital files that can later be manipulated. This enables the automatic mining of required information in the documents, such as contract numbers or addresses of the properties. Then, all the operators have to do is check for accuracy before the information is added to the database, eliminating the need to manually input the information from the documents and greatly enhancing efficiency. This solution also links up not only text information but also image data such as floor plans, maps, and photographs in the database, allowing the use of the network to complete the entire workflow: document approval, updating, preparation, and printing. This means, for example, that real estate companies can extract the rental properties whose contract expiration dates are approaching and automatically prepare the documents needed for renewal. Alternatively, they can collect information specifically on those rental properties that meet the requirements of a prospective tenant. This document digitization solution helps our customers improve their workflow efficiency in various ways; one of the benefits of digitizing documents is that such services available in Singapore automatically converts documents to your preferred format while reducing human error.

*OCR (Optical Character Reader): A technology to optically read printed characters and automatically convert them into data. Compared to a static image, the machine-encoded data from the document becomes more usable due to the process of digitization.

With the exponential growth of business digital content, one of the major challenges faced by businesses across industries is the management and utilisation of business content with the right services. Oftentimes, the documents come in the form of hard copy and electronic format and from dispersed locations. The unstructured content and disorganised storage may result in inefficiency and unproductivity.

Our document digitizing service, MCS, is a one-stop service that offers consultation-based suggestions for improving work efficiency along with exclusive software for content management, MFPs for data input and output, and document digitization service.

Konica Minolta Managed Content Services