CyberSecure Platform

Cyber security threats are on the rise and have become more sophisticated as the hacking techniques are constantly evolving and getting more complex. Cyber security has thus become a growing concern for organisations in Singapore and globally as cyber-attacks are becoming a daily occurrence. Legacy technologies such as firewall and antivirus software are outdated and are proving inadequate in the evolving cyber threat landscape that exposes users to cyber security threats like data breaches. Vulnerabilities in the computer system security have been exploited by unethical hackers, resulting in millions of personal information being stolen, sold, or held for ransom, creating a debilitating impact on the economy.

With the exponential change of the Internet, businesses are constantly being targeted by a different mode of cyber-attacks worldwide. Organisations are encouraged to invest in cyber security solutions that raise awareness of exploitable liabilities in their network. This is to protect their businesses, especially since the loss of personal information and the impact of a cyber-attack can be far greater than the cost of getting protected in the first place.

Konica Minolta offers services as a cyber security consultant with CyberSecure Platform that has what it takes to mitigate cyber security threats instantly.

Here is a list of key features of the cyber security monitoring platform, CyberSecure:

  • Full in-line rate detection without causing any noticeable performance degradation
  • Real-time display of security events from all monitored (remote monitoring) platforms, showing the origin of attacks, providing information on threats that pose as cyber security threat
  • TCP/IP Stackless Design (operates in stealth mode where it is completely invisible and undetectable on the network)
  • Deep Packet Inspection (DPI)
  • Detect malicious URLs, DGAs, IP addresses, Tor exit nodes, SSL Certificate through constant cyber security monitoring
  • Screen incoming and outgoing traffic (Bi-directional packet inspection)
  • Supports High Availability (HA) for the selected models
  • Cyber Threat Intelligence feeds are updated every hour from the cloud-based intelligence threat feed database
  • Event log creation and management for analysis
  • Eliminates up to 90% of incoming cyber threats before they gain a foothold in the network

Key Benefits of CyberSecure Platform:

  • Cost-effective as with minimum hardware cost and maximum performance compared to other cyber security solutions offered by various companies in Singapore
  • DPI, as well as reputational detection, takes place on the fly with minimal impact on performance
  • Malicious packets are dropped even before it reaches the firewall and vice versa (infected system sending information out)
  • Email alerts are sent for critical threats almost immediately
  • Allow organisations to focus on investigating truly “Unknown” traffic, and not what is already known
  • Simple configuration and installation, effectively reinforcing your network security with minimal downtime
  • Easily paired together with Konica Minolta Infrastructure Management services. As a cyber security consultant, we offer additional services to optimise and manage your IT infrastructure